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Fascias & Soffits

Fascias and soffits are the boards positioned along the bottom edges of a roof where it meets the external wall of your house. The vertical band at the edge of the roof is called a fascia and it supports the weight off the bottom row of tiles and carry all the guttering fixtures. The soffit is

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What to ask before replacing your fascias

The Quality of Work Before choosing any company to carry out your home improvements, it’s important to research the suitability and quality of their work.  Examining any photos that they have will allow you to do this. Click here to see our gallery of work The Type of Fixings We only use ring shank nails for

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When you should replace your fascia boards

When it comes to replacing your fascia boards, look out for the four main signs: 1. Exposed brickwork or timber 2. Rotting or flaking wood 3. Peeling paintwork 4. Watermarks If you see any of these, call us immediately – we’ll be able to visit and carry out a free inspection. Our specialist team are highly skilled

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