About Us

Every home deserves a well-maintained, useful, and durable structure, especially its working components of roof and water discharge system. An old and rotten structure could caused more damage to the property and leads to unnecessary costs.

We have expertise in home improvements mainly on replacement and installation of fascia boards, gutters installation, as well as roof pointing & bedding in all of Melbourne.

We are proficient at our job and provide remarkable customer service and top quality workmanship at a very competitive price.

Our highly skilled team have been working in the industry for years and our deep knowledge paired with our professional approach allow us to deliver a fantastic end result for our customers.

We can answer any of your questions about the work, and we are flexible and can work around your schedule. At the end of the work, we clean up all the mess and remove all waste from the site.

We attract customers from all over Melbourne because of the high quality of our workmanship and efficient service. Our professional team is incredibly helpful and we would love to work with you on your project.


  • We replace rotten fascia boards.
  • We are highly trained and skilled in the industry.
  • We provide top quality service and workmanship.